Requests for disclosure of alien registration cards

The new Residency Management System came into effect on July 7, 2012, rendering the previous Alien Registration System obsolete. At the same time, given that alien registration cards serve as pieces of personal identification, the Immigration Services Agency has been charged with their management. For foreign nationals who wish to verify information pertaining to their own alien registration card and/or request a copy, please refer to the guidelines under the section for "Procedures for requesting disclosure."

Procedures for requesting disclosure

1. Those who can request disclosure

The personal information recorded in the alien registration card of:

(1) The individual whose information is recorded; or

(2) If the requester is a minor or an adult ward, their legal representative (someone with parental authority or the guardian of an adult).

Only those who fall under (1) or (2) above may request disclosures.

Requests from voluntary representatives will not be honored.

2. Request disclosure subject matter

(1) One’s own alien registration card

(2) Alien registration cards other than one’s own

* Since (2) is a request for personal information recorded on an alien registration card belonging to someone other than the requester, only one's own personal information will be disclosed (excluding information that the requester would already know).

If requesting a copy of an alien registration card for a deceased foreign national, please refer to this guide.

3. The personal information recorded in the alien registration card

The personal information tied to an alien registration card (before the Alien Registration Act was abolished on July 9, 2012) includes items 1 to 24 as recorded in applications made through a given municipality, which are listed below.

However, any information which was not provided in an application will not have been recorded. Moreover, as a result of previous revisions to the alien registration system, it is possible that not all personal information which was submitted has been retained.

(1) Name; (2) Sex; (3) Date of birth; (4) Nationality; (5) Occupation; (6) Passport No.; (7) Passport date of issue; (8) Date of issue registration; (9) Alien Registration No.; (10) Date of landing permission; (11) Residence status; (12) Period of stay; (13) Birthplace; (14) Residential address or other relevant location in one’s country of origin; (15) Place of residence; (16) Name of the head of the household; (17) Relationship to the head of the household; (18) Name and address of one’s workplace or office; (19) If the head of the household, then the other members of said household (their relationship to the head of the household, names, dates of birth, and nationalities); (20) One’s father/mother/spouse who is located in Japan (if they were not listed in (19), along with their names, dates of birth, and nationalities); (21) Signatures; (22) Photographs; (23) Changes to registered information; and (24) Revisions and amendments.

* Changes to information recorded on alien registration cards submitted to a local government office earlier than July 8, 2012, (including name, nationality, occupation, residence status, period of stay, name of the head of the household, relationships, place of residence, etc.) will also be included.

* For more information regarding the format of alien registration cards, please refer to this image - PDF (in Japanese).PDF

4. Request for disclosure form

Please use this application for disclosure requests for alien registration card records - Word (in Japanese)Word PDF (in Japanese)PDF

  • For samples of completed request for disclosure forms, please see this PDF (in Japanese). PDF
  • Please take care to complete the form carefully and accurately.

(1) 2. Method of requested disclosure
Please use either method a or b in order to ensure prompt disclosure (issuance/sending of copies, etc.).

  • a) Request disclosure at an office
    Use this method if the requester wishes to go to the Immigration Services Agency to either view alien registration records or request their issuance.
  • b) Sending a copy
    Use this method if the requester wishes for a copy of the alien registration records to be sent by postal mail.

If you wish for a copy to be sent, please include a letter pack for reply or a reply envelope with a postal stamp. (The postage depends on weight for standard-sized postal mail (see note); please add postage for express or registered mail.)

(Note) Postage approximations (for one request for disclosure of an alien registration card)
If the start of the request period is from 1960 or later, usually 94 yen of postage is required.
If the start of the request period is from 1959 or earlier, 140 yen or 210 yen in postage may be required because of the larger amount of records.

  • In addition to the stamp attached to the reply envelope when sending the request, we recommend you include a spare stamp that can be used if postage is not sufficient. If the postage is sufficient, the spare stamp will be returned without being used, so please include extra postage just in case.
  • The Agency recommends using a letter pack if the requester asks for multiple copies or wishes to avoid postage issues.
  • Because the number of sheets varie depending on the request details and individual cases, the above amounts are simply an approximation.
  • Please write the return address on the reply envelope.
  • The return address is limited to the address or location entered on the copy of the residence certificate which is submitted.
  • Please understand that additional postage may be requested depending on the number of sheets.

(2) 3. Handling fees
Please affix 300 yen in revenue stamps to the form for each application (do not postmark the form).

  • Please ensure you pay the correct amount.
  • Revenue stamps issued by a local municipality and postal money orders will not be accepted.
  • If requesting multiple copies, please attach revenue stamps based on the number of copies requested and clearly write the number of copies desired (e.g., attach 600 yen in revenue stamps for two copies and write "2部請求" (in Japanese) in a blank space nearby).
  • Revenue stamps are not sold at the counter. Please purchase one from a post office before submitting your application.

5. Submission of identity documents

As the applicant’s identity must be verified, supporting documents are required.
Please refer to this guide for a list of approved forms of ID.

Please also attach supporting documents (e.g., family register) if one’s current name and name at the time of the request are different due to marriage, etc.

* If you wish for submitted documents to be returned, please notify the agency by attaching a note expressing so (in Japanese).

6. Required period for disclosure decision

By law, requests for disclosure must be addressed within 30 days from the date of their submission.
However, the actual time required to process a request varies on a case-by-case basis.

7. Frequently asked questions

For answers to frequently asked questions, please click here.

8. Where to direct inquiries and submit requests for disclosure

Please submit (or send) the disclosure request form and the necessary personal identification to the following address and division:
Immigration Information Disclosure Section, Information System Management Office, General Affairs Division, Immigration Services Agency. (Map)
* If submitting by mail, please write the recipientthe Japanese recipient name found on the "Map" page above.
Location: Yotsuya Tower 13F, 1-6-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0004
Tel: 03-5363-3005
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and over the New Year's period)

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