Application for re-entry permission

Name of procedure Application for re-entry permission
Procedural basis Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, Article 26
Individuals subject to procedure Foreign nationals who reside in Japan and plan to depart with intentions to re-enter Japan before the expiration of their period of stay (for those whose period of stay is not fixed, the period that they may reside in Japan)
Application period Before departure
  1. Applicant (a foreign national wishing to stay in Japan)
  2. The following people who have been approved by the Director-General of a Regional Immigration Services Bureau as a proxy and who have received a request from the applicant
    1. Staff of an institution run by or employing the applicant
    2. Staff of an institution where the applicant is either a trainee or instructor
    3. An organization that oversees activities designed to help foreign nationals acquire skilled labor expertise or knowledge
    4. Staff of public interest corporations dedicated to seamlessly accepting foreign nationals
    5. Travel agencies
  3. Attorneys or paralegals who have notified the Director-General of a Regional Immigration Services Bureau and received a request from the applicant
  4. Legal representative of the applicant
  5. Should the applicant be under the age of 16, or if they are unable to make an appearance at an immigration office by themselves due to illness (Note) or for other reasons, a relative, cohabitant, or similar person deemed appropriate by the Director-General of a Regional Immigration Services Bureau
    (Note) In case of "illness," please bring a medical certificate or other similar documentation as proof.
Handling fee When granted permission, a payment of 3,000 yen (one-time re-entry) or 6,000 yen (multiple-time re-entry) is required. (paid with revenue stamps) Fee payment form - PDFPDF ExcelExcel
Required documents, etc.
  • Application form
  • Presentation of residence card (including certificate of alien registration deemed to be a residence card; same hereinafter) or special permanent resident certificate (including certificate of alien registration deemed to be a special permanent resident certificate)
    * If somebody other than the applicant submits an application for re-entry permission, make sure that the applicant has a copy of their residence card with them.
  • Presentation of passport
  • When unable to present your passport, a written explanation noting the reason
  • Presentation of documents certifying identity (when a proxy submits the application)
Application format

(Note 1) Can be printed on standard Japanese A4 paper.
(Note 2) To avoid reducing the size of the copy, uncheck "Reduce page to fit paper size (K)" in the print dialog box before printing.

Where to apply The Regional Immigration Services Bureau with jurisdiction over your place of residence (Please contact either a Regional Immigration Services Bureau or an Immigration Information Center (Tel: 0570-013904).)
Hours Weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
The day or time may vary depending on the procedure, so contact the relevant Regional Immigration Services Bureau or the Immigration Information Center (Tel: 0570-013904).
Consultation counter Contact either the Regional Immigration Services Bureau or the Immigration Information Center (Tel: 0570-013904).
Examination criteria
  • Applicant must not have been issued a written detention order.
  • Applicant was found to be eligible for re-entry permission.
Standard processing period Same day
How to appeal N/A

To those who lost their passport and/or residence card while outside of Japan with re-entry permission (including special re-entry permission):
For those who received re-entry permission (including special re-entry permission) but lost their passport/residence card while outside Japan, or those whose old passport has been collected as a result of the issuance of a new passport, and they do not possess a document that indicates that they can re-enter Japan, they can receive proof of the re-entry permission expiration date in writing (an application for certification of re-entry permission deadline) through their representative at the nearest Regional Immigration Services Bureau.
"Representative" refers to a relative living with the foreign national, or a person who possesses a letter (power of attorney) that certifies that they have been authorized by the foreign national.

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