Business Manager

Activities that can be performed in Japan

Managing businesses in Japan related to international trade and/or activities related to business management (excluding management/administrative activities which require legal and accounting service qualifications, as outlined in the Legal/Accounting Services section of the Appendix of the Immigration Control Act).
Examples include managing a corporation, working as a supervisor, and so on.

Documents to be submitted

  Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4
(institution of affiliation)
Institutions/organizations which:
  1. Companies listed on a Japanese stock exchange
  2. Mutual companies operating an insurance business
  3. Local government agencies (foreign or Japanese)
  4. Locally or nationally approved public interest corporations
  5. Companies that fall under clause a or b as stated in the center column of the special supplemental table in Article 1, Paragraph 1 of the Ministerial Ordinance on Highly Skilled Professionals (also known as "innovation companies")
    * Please refer to the "List of Measures to Promote Innovation" in the link above.
  6. Companies that satisfy certain conditions (in Japanese)PDF
Institutions/organizations which:
  1. Individuals or organizations whose withheld taxes (as listed in the total statutory report) from the previous year totaled 10 million yen or more
  2. Institutions that have received approval to use the online residency application system
Individuals or organizations who have submitted their total statutory report, including their employees’ withheld taxes for earned income from the previous year (excluding those who fall under Category 2) Those who do not meet any of the conditions listed in the other categories.
Documents to be submitted


  1. Application for issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility - 1 copy
    * This form is available at Regional Immigration Services Bureaus.
    You can also access it via this page.
  2. Photograph (4 cm long x 3 cm wide) - 1 photograph
    A sharp, clear photo of the applicant facing forward with no hat, cap, or head covering taken against a plain backdrop with no shadows; must have been taken within three months prior to submitting the application.
    * The photograph should be attached to the photograph section of the application with the name of the applicant written on the back of the photograph.
  3. Reply envelope (a standard envelope with the address clearly showing and 404 yen in postage stamps (simplified registered mail) attached) - 1 copy
  4. Document (or documents) certifying that the applicant falls under one of the categories listed above

    Category 1 Copy of a quarterly report, or another document (copy) proving that the company is listed on a Japanese stock exchange
    Copy of a document certifying that the institution has been approved by the relevant authorities
    Proof that the "innovation company" falls under clause a or b as stated in the center column of the special supplemental table in Article 1, Paragraph 1 of the Ministerial Ordinance on Highly Skilled Professionals (e.g. a copy of the grant approval notice)
    Document proving that the company meets the aforementioned "certain conditions" (e.g. a copy of the relevant certifications)
    Category 2 A copy of a document related to one’s total income for the previous year, such as withholding records (stamped with the seal of the office that accepted it)
    Documentation proving that the institution has received approval to use the online residency application system
    (emailed notices of approval, etc.)
    Category 3 Photocopy of the total statutory report, including employees’ withheld taxes for earned income from the previous year (stamped with the seal of the office that accepted it)
In principle, no other documents are required for Category 1 and Category 2.
  1. One of the following documents that clearly defines the activities of the applicant:
    1. In cases where the applicant is assuming a post as an executive member of a Japanese company
      Copies of either the articles of incorporation which detail the remuneration for executive members, or the minutes from the general shareholders meeting in which the remuneration was decided upon (for companies with a compensation committee, then those minutes)
    2. In cases where the applicant is transferring to the Japanese branch of a foreign company, or assuming a post as an executive member of a Japanese non-corporate organization
      Documents from the relevant organization which state the applicant’s position (job description), contract period, and remuneration (letters of dispatch, transfer notices, etc.) - 1 copy
    3. In cases where the applicant is employed as a manager
      Documents which state that the working conditions are compliant with Article 15, Paragraph 1 of the Labor Standards Act, and Article 5 of the Ordinance for the Enforcement of the Labor Standards Act (employment contracts, etc.) - 1 copy
  2. In cases where the applicant is being employed as a manager, documents which certify that they have at least three years' experience in business management (including time spent in graduate school business management courses):
    1. One copy of a resume that clearly outlines the applicant’s skills, experience, and period of time in which they have been employed in their field
    2. Document that clearly outlines the applicant's experience in the field (if including graduate school studies, then a copy of a certificate from the academic institution which shows the time spent being instructed) - 1 copy
  3. One of the following documents that clearly defines the employment activities:
    1. For corporations, a copy of the certificate of registration (if the registration has not been completed, then a copy of the articles of incorporation or similar documents which show the intent to start a business) - 1 copy
      *Regardless of whether it is the corporation itself or a foreign corporation's branch office that is established in Japan.
    2. Informative materials outlining the employer’s history, staff, structure, and business operations (including major clients and accomplishments) - 1 copy
    3. Other documents required to support/supplement the information provided above in point 2 - 1 copy
  4. One of the following documents that clearly defines the scale of the business:
    1. If there are more than two employees, then documents related to the paying of wages, residence certificates, etc.
    2. Certificate of registration - 1 copy
      * Not required if submitted in 7-1 above
    3. Other documents that clearly define the scale of the business
  5. Documents that prove the existence of buildings (etc.) being used for business:
    1. Copy of the real estate register - 1 copy
    2. Copy of the lease agreement - 1 copy
    3. Other documents - 1 copy
  6. Copy of the business plan - 1 copy
  7. Recent financial documents (for the current fiscal year) - 1 copy
  1. Any of the following materials which clearly explain why the withholding records from the previous year cannot be submitted:
    1. For institutions that do not need to withhold taxes at the source:
      A certificate from a foreign corporation which proves that taxes do not need to be withheld at the source (or a similar document) - 1 copy
    2. For institutions other than the above in point 1:
      1. Notification of the establishment of a payroll office, etc. - 1 copy
      2. Either of the following materials:
        • Statements (copies of dated receipts) which show that income taxes (for retirement, etc.) have been paid over the past three months
        • Documents which show that approval has been obtained for an exemption of payment - 1 copy
  • "Applicant" refers to a foreign national wishing to enter and reside in Japan.
  • All certificates issued in Japan must have been issued up to three months prior to the submission of the application.
    • Presentation of proof of identity (company ID, etc.)
    • Presentation of a document to demonstrate contractual establishment of the workplace in Japan (contract agreement, etc.)
      If a representative,Link to e-Gov's general information counter proxy, or legal representative submits the application, proof of identity is required to confirm that the person submitting the application is qualified to do so.
      This applies to those who were placed in charge of all general workplace establishment activities of a newly established workplace in Japan while the workplace’s employer or manager was absent; in this case submission of materials listed under point 1 will also be required.
      Also regarding this point, please note that a copy will be made during the reception of the application for the authorities' convenience (The reception waiting time can be shortened if a copy is prepared before the submission.).
  • It should be understood that other materials may be requested after the application has been submitted.


  1. If the documents to be submitted are in a foreign language, attach Japanese translations.
  2. If the name on the Certificate of Eligibility and passport are different, it may take some time to confirm each pre-entry procedure in order to complete immigration procedures. Please submit a copy of your passport at the time of application.
  3. As a general rule, submitted documents cannot be returned. If you wish for them to be returned for a special reason, such as difficulty obtaining new originals, make a request for their return at the time of application.

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