Notification of change of address (mid to long-term residents)

* When an individual provides their residence card to the appropriate counter at their local municipal office, the individual will be considered to have submitted the following notification of change of address when submitting a notification as prescribed in Article 22, Article 23, or Article 30-46 of the Basic Resident Registration Act. (It is not necessary to submit the following written notification of address.)

Name of procedure Notification of change of address
Procedural basis Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, Article 19-9, Item 1
Individuals subject to procedure Mid to long-term residents who have changed their address
Notification period Within 14 days from the date of moving to the new address
  1. The individual making the notification (excluding those under 16 years of age)
  2. Representative
    1. Should the individual making the notification be under the age of 16, or if they are unable to appear at the relevant office due to illness (Note 1) or other reasons, a relative who lives with the individual and who is 16 years of age or older
    2. A relative living with the individual and who is 16 years or older making the notification at the request of the individual (Note 2)
    3. An individual who received a request from the person listed in 1 or 2a, or the legal representative of the individual making the notification.

    (Note 1) In case of "illness," please bring a medical certificate or equivalent documentation as proof.
    (Note 2) In case of "requested" representation, please bring a power of attorney (in Japanese)PDF as proof.

Recipient Same as above
Handling fee There is no handling fee
Required documents, etc.
  • Notification form
  • Presentation of residence card

* When submitting a notification of change of address, the representative must make sure the applicant has a copy of their residence card.

Notification format Notification of address - PDF (in Japanese/English)PDF Excel (in Japanese/English)Excel
(Note 1) Can be printed on standard Japanese A4 paper.
(Note 2) To avoid reducing the size of the copy, uncheck "Reduce page to fit paper size (K)" in the print dialog box before printing.
Where to submit The municipal office in your area of residence
Hours Municipal office reception hours
Consultation counter The municipal office in your area of residence

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