Designated Activities 3

Foreign university students who wish to extend their internships (activities which provide students with practical experience at a Japanese company as part of their studies).

* Please refer to the guidelines offered by the Ministry of Justice for further details regarding activities for "internships."

Documents to be submitted

  • "Applicant" refers to a foreign national who wishes to reside in Japan.
  • All certificates issued in Japan must have been issued within three months prior to the submission of the application.
  1. Application form for extension of period of stay - 1 copy
    * This form is also available at Regional Immigration Services Bureaus.
    You can also access it via this page.
  2. One photograph (4 cm long x 3 cm wide)
    • A sharp, clear photo of the applicant facing forward with no hat, cap, or head covering taken against a plain backdrop with no shadows; must have been taken within three months prior to submitting the application.
    • The photograph should be attached to the photograph section of the application with the name of the applicant written on the back of the photograph.
  3. Presentation of passport and residence card (or certificate of alien registration)
  4. Documents proving the extension of the period of activities in Japan, such as written approval from the foreign university at which the applicant is enrolled - as required
  5. Presentation of proof of identity (certificate of permission to act as a proxy, family register, etc.)
    If the application is submitted by someone other than the applicant (the person submitting it should refer to this page), proof of identity is required to confirm that the person submitting it is qualified to do so. While the applicant’s actual passport and residence card must be presented (as listed in point 3), even if someone other than the applicant is submitting the application documents, a copy is permitted in cases where a certificate of alien registration is serving as the applicant's residence card.
  • It should be understood that other materials may be requested after the application has been submitted.


  1. If the documents to be submitted are in a foreign language, attach Japanese translations.
  2. As a general rule, submitted documents cannot be returned. If you wish for them to be returned for a special reason, such as difficulty obtaining new originals, make a request for their return at the time of application.
  3. This application can be made within three months prior to the period of stay expiration date. (If the period of stay is less than three months, generally when half of the period of stay has passed.) It is recommended that the application be filed as early as possible.
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