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General Affairs Division, Immigration Services Agency, Ministry of Justice

Anyone may copy, publicly transmit, translate/modify, or otherwise use the information published on this website (hereinafter referred to as "Content") in accordance with points 1 through 6 below. The information may also be used for commercial purposes. However, numerical data, simple tables, and graphs are not subject to copyright. As the usage rules stated here do not apply, these items may be used at one's discretion.

It is assumed that the individual utilizing the Content has agreed to these usage rules.

1. Source Citation

  1. When using the Content, cite the source as indicated below.
    Example of source citation:
    Source: Immigration Services Agency website (URL of applicable website), etc.
  2. In addition to citing the source as noted above, when editing or processing Content, make sure to note that the source has been edited or processed. The edited or processed information must not be published or used in a way that would suggest that it was created by the national government (or ministries or other government entities).
    (Example citation of edited/processed Content)
    Source: created by X Inc., etc., based on Immigration Services Agency website (URL of applicable website)

2. Do not infringe upon the rights of third parties

  1. Some Content may be copyrighted or otherwise owned by third parties (i.e., non-government entities; the same shall apply hereinafter). For Content that is copyrighted by a third party or for which the third party has rights other than copyright (for example, portrait rights for photographs, publicity rights, etc.), unless clearly stated that the rights have been processed, it is the user's responsibility to obtain a license from the third party.
  2. For Content acquired through API (Application Programming Interface) linkage to an external database, follow the provider's terms of use.
    (Examples of Content acquired through API linkage to external databases, etc.): Described in this attachment
  3. Even when the Content is copyrighted by a third party, it may be used without permission of the copyright holder in some cases, such as when the citation is recognized by the Copyright Act.

3. Content to which these usage rules do not apply

These usage rules do not apply to the following Content.

  1. Symbols, logos, and character designs representing an organization or specific business
  2. Content clarifying the application of other usage rules along with a concrete and rational explanation of the grounds of application

4. Governing law and agreed jurisdiction

  1. These usage rules will be interpreted based on Japanese law.
  2. Regarding the use of the Content under these usage rules and disputes regarding these usage rules, the district court that has jurisdiction over the location of the organization that publishes the Content or usage rules related to the dispute is to be the court of exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance.

5. Exemption from liability

  1. The national government does not take any responsibility for actions of the user made while using the Content (including the use of such information as edited/processed Content).
  2. Content is subject to change, transfer, deletion, and similar treatment without notice.

6. Other

  1. These usage rules do not limit the use of citations as permitted under the Copyright Act.
  2. These usage rules were established on March 28, 2016. These usage rules are in accordance with the Government of Japan's Standard Terms of Use (Version 2.0). These usage rules are subject to change in the future. If you have already used the Content in accordance with an earlier version of the Government of Japan Standard Terms of Use, those terms will continue to apply.
  3. These usage rules are compatible with Creative Commons License Display 4.0 International License (—takes you to an external page), and Content to which these usage rules apply can also be used by following CC BY.


Attachments (examples of Content acquired through API linkage to external databases, etc.)

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