Foreign nationals who wish to work in Japan under the "Specified Skilled Worker" status of residence

Regarding the Specified Skilled Worker Program

An overview of the program:
Leaflet: Creation of the "Specified Skilled Worker" status of residence - PDF (in Japanese)PDF
This leaflet has been translated into 12 different languages and can be found on the "Explanatory documents" page.

Test information

Those wishing to work in Japan as a specified skilled worker must first pass both a technical proficiency test and a Japanese language test.
List of scheduled tests - PDF (in Japanese)PDF (The information for these tests has been taken from the webpages of the various government offices and organizations which offer the tests.)

The test schedule was current at the time of publication. For the latest updates, please refer to the "Test-related information" page. Specifically, the "Japanese Language Test (for all fields)," "Japanese Language Test (for nursing care)," and "Test information" pages.

Regarding the procedure flow

Depending on the country, procedures may need to be completed in the dispatching country.

Information by country

Information by field

In some cases, informational seminars (offering explanations about employment openings) may be offered by participating fields.
For detailed information, please click the link below.

Information by field

Specified Skilled Worker Guidebook

For foreign nationals who are considering working under the "Specified Skilled Worker" status of residence, a document which outlines the Specified Skilled Worker Program in detail, including the tests and required forms/documents, has been published (in Japanese).

Specified Skilled Worker Guidebook (for foreign nationals) - PDF (in Japanese)PDF

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