Information regarding the Republic of Indonesia

Overall procedure flow

This section provides information on the overall procedure flow for foreign nationals who wish to become specified skilled workers. For more information about the procedures in the Republic of Indonesia, please inquire using the contact information below.

Application procedures

For those who wish to enter and reside in Japan with the "Specified Skilled Worker" status of residence, applications may be submitted to a Regional Immigration Services Bureau. For more information, please refer to the following pages.

When applying for residence, it is not necessary to submit any documents proving that procedures in the Republic of Indonesia are moving forward.

Authorized dispatching organization

The government of the Republic of Indonesia must authorize the dispatching organization when accepting a foreign national as a specified skilled worker. The Indonesian side has strongly requested for the accepting organization in Japan to register on the "Employment Information System (IPKOL)," a job portal operated by the Indonesian government, in order to post job listings.
* In addition to checking "explanation of procedures" in "overall procedure flow" above, please use the contact information below for details about IPKOL.

Contact information


Contact Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
Address 〒160-0004
4-4-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Phone number 03-3441-4201
Fax number 03-4560-3401
E-mail address
Supported languages Japanese, English, and Indonesian

Republic of Indonesia

Contact Department of Labour Market Development, Ministry of Manpower, Republic of Indonesia
(Directorate of Labour Market Development, Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia)
Address 12950
Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto Kav. 51 Jakarta Selatan
(Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia)
Phone number +62-813-1516-7055
E-mail address
Supported languages English and Indonesian

Other reference information

Memorandum of Cooperation

* If there are any changes to the system of the Republic of Indonesia, a notice will be posted on this website as soon as the details are confirmed.

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