What you need to know: The basics of the Residency Management System

For residence card holders: things to know about the Residency Management System

On July 9, 2012, the Residency Management System came into effect so that the Minister of Justice could better manage and monitor information necessary for residency management of mid to long-term residents of Japan who hold a valid status of residence (as defined by the Immigration Control Act).

  1. Place of residence
    If you are a mid to long-term resident, you must submit a notification after newly establishing your place of residence or after a change in your place of residence.
  2. Items listed on residence card
    You must submit a notification if there is a change in the information on your residence card, including your name, date of birth, sex, or nationality/region.
  3. Residence card validity period
    You must submit an application for validity period extension of residence card by the expiration date of the validity period of your residence card.
  4. Reissuance of a residence card
    You must have your residence card reissued if it is lost or damaged.
  5. Return of a residence card
    You must return your residence card if you are no longer a mid to long-term resident.
  6. Activity, contract, or marital status
    Those residing in Japan under the "Student," "Trainee," or "Technical Intern Training" statuses of residence are required to submit a notification if there are any changes to their affiliated organization during their stay, as are those residing as a spouse if there are changes to their marital status.

Information on notifications related to place of residence or affiliated organizations

Q. Are there any penalties for mid to long-term residents who do not complete the necessary procedures?

There are penalties for those who neglect to submit a notification or falsify details on a notification. In addition, those who do not have a valid reason for not submitting a notification or who use a false address may have their status of residence revoked.

Q. What kind of procedures are required for institutions that accept mid to long-term residents?

Affiliated organizations who accept mid to long-term residents whose statuses of residence are either "Student" or "Trainee" must notify the Immigration Services Agency when the foreign nationals are first accepted, as well as when the foreign nationals change their status of residence or leave Japan.

This excludes business owners, who are required to submit notifications as prescribed by Article 28, Paragraph 1 of the Employment Measures Act.

Flow of procedures for mid to long-term residents in the Residency Management System

At a port of entry

Immigration screening

Alongside receiving a landing permission stamp in their passport, those who are recognized through this landing permission as mid to long-term residents will also receive a residence card.

* Residence cards are issued at New Chitose Airport, Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport, Kansai International Airport, Hiroshima Airport, and Fukuoka Airport. For other ports/airports, the residence card will be issued after the notification of address has been submitted.


At the office of your local municipality

Notification of change of address


At the Regional Immigration Services Bureau

Notification of changes other than address

Notification of change in name, date of birth, sex, and nationality/region


Application for validity period extension of residence card

(Permanent residents, under 16 years old)

Application for reissuance of a residence card

(In the event of loss, theft, destruction, significant damage, or other reasons)

Notification pertaining to affiliated organization or relationship with spouse

(People staying with a work-related status of residence, "Student" or some other academic status of residence, or a spouse status of residence.)

Residence screening

Mid to long-term residents are issued a new residence card when a change in period of stay or status of residence is approved.

Notice for affiliated organizations which accept foreign nationals

Under the Residency Management System, affiliated organizations who have accepted foreign nationals with the "Student" or "Trainee" statuses of residence (or who generally employ foreign nationals) are required to notify the Minister of Justice of their status (notification from the organization of affiliation).


Mid to long-term residents who neglect to submit a notification, falsify details, or otherwise violate the terms to receive, carry, and present their residence card will be subject to penalties. In certain cases, neglecting to submit a notification or falsifying details may result in the revocation of their status of residence. Please click here to see procedures for revocation of status of residence.

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