Guidelines for permission for permanent residence for those recognized as having contributed to Japan (revised on April 26, 2017)

With regards to the "Third Report on the Promotion of Regulatory Reform" (December 22, 2003; Reference 1) by the Council for the Promotion of Regulatory Reform, alongside publishing examples of "successful cases of people applying for permanent residence upon have resided in Japan for over five years and having made contributions to the country" on their home page (Reference 2), it was decided that the cases should be analyzed, and the meaning of "contributions to the country" in applications for permanent residence should be clarified by setting and disclosing certain standards.

Furthermore, the "First Report on the Promotion of Regulatory Reform And the Opening Up of Government-Driven Markets for Entry into the Private Sector" (December 24, 2004; Reference 3) approved the "development of guidelines related to those who have been acknowledged as contributors to Japan in fields such as diplomacy, society, economy, culture, and so on, as a requirement for permission for permanent residence while also taking into account a wide range of opinions from foreign nationals, experts, and specialists in each field."

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