Measures against human trafficking, Immigration Services Agency

This page contains all the information related to the Immigration Services Agency's efforts to combat human trafficking.

What is human trafficking?

Human trafficking refers to the capture, transportation, and acceptance of human beings through means of violence, threats, kidnapping, fraud, or abuse of their vulnerable position for the purpose of forcing them to work or exploiting them through prostitution.

The Immigration Services Agency works with other relevant administrative organs to help victims of human trafficking or those who are thought to possibly be victims, with the first priority being to protect them and, if necessary, to seek the judgment of more specialized administrative organs.

If you yourself are a victim of human trafficking, or if you have information pertaining to human trafficking, please contact one of the counters listed in the PDF file below.

Efforts towards measures against human trafficking

From a humanitarian perspective, human trafficking is a serious human rights violation that requires a swift and appropriate response.

Human trafficking, a crime that disproportionately targets women and children, causes severe physical and psychological trauma in its victims from which it is often very difficult to recover. Because of this, and the fact that the crime is committed across and despite national borders, the issue is of deep concern to the international community.

Hence, starting with the Immigration Services Agency of the Ministry of Justice, relevant agencies are working together to promote and implement measures to combat human trafficking.

  1. Action plan of measures against human trafficking (governmental action plan) and history of its development
  2. Meeting about measures against human trafficking
  3. Important past initiatives in the Immigration Services Agency (Immigration Bureau before March 31, 2019)
    3-1 Outline of amendments to the Immigration Control Act (also published in definition of "Human trafficking, etc.")
    3-2 Outline of revisions of Ministry of Justice ordinances
  4. Thoughts on victim protection
  5. Procedures for protection of victims/cooperation with International Organization for Migration

Press releases (Ministry of Justice)


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