Victims of human trafficking (sexual services, forced labor, etc.) who received protection in 2019 (Reiwa 1)

Press release

March 27, 2020 (Reiwa 2)
Immigration Services Agency

In 2019, the Immigration Services Agency took twelve victims of human trafficking (sexual services, forced labor, etc.) under its protection (including funding their repatriation). Five who had overstayed their periods of stay were given special permission to stay in Japan.
Zero foreign nationals were subjected to deportation procedures as perpetrators of human trafficking.

1. Victims of human trafficking

  1. In 2019, twelve people were put under the protection of the Immigration Services Agency compared to nine the previous year.
    In addition, all twelve victims of human trafficking were Filipino. Victims the previous year consisted of five Filipino and four Thai people.
  2. Government-wide implementation of the measures described in the "Measures against Human Trafficking Implementation Plan (2014), which went into effect December of 2014, have produced consistent results toward eliminating human trafficking.
  3. That being said, human trafficking has a high likelihood of occurring, as it is difficult to track the various methods used to conceal it. While it is almost certain that the surface of the issue has barely been scratched, the Immigration Services Agency will continue to take measures against human trafficking, working to actively prevent and combat it, as well as recognizing and protecting victims of it.

2. Perpetrators of human trafficking

In 2019, the number of foreign nationals who were subjected to deportation procedures by the Immigration Services Agency as perpetrators of human trafficking was zero compared to two the previous year.

(Note) In accordance with Article 24-4 (c) of the Immigration Control Act, "committing, inciting, or aiding another in committing human trafficking" is grounds for deportation.


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