Foreign Residents Support Center (FRESC)

Foreign Residents Support Center (FRESC)

What is the Foreign Residents Support Center (FRESC)?

The Foreign Residents Support Center (FRESC) is
a government-based service that offers various consultation counters for foreign nationals living in Japan.
The center is located in the Co•Mo•Re YOTSUYA (コモレ四谷) building, just in front of Yotsuya Station in Shinjuku.
Offering assistance for foreign nationals and logistical support for companies that wish to hire foreign talent,
FRESC also provides the same help to local governments who would like to better accommodate their foreign residents.

The different organizations/institutions within the Foreign Residents Support Center (FRESC) all work together,
implementing and maintaining various support measures
with the aim to create a more welcoming environment for foreign nationals.



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A Message from FRESC

A Message from FRESC

The various institutions located within the Foreign Residents Support Center (FRESC) are here to listen to residents' issues, and help them on the path to resolving their problems.

While FRESC is divided into various consultation counters based on field of expertise, the eight institutions and four ministries all work together to help foreign residents. We are ready to offer detailed consultations, so please do not hesitate to use our services. (This includes companies who would like to hire foreign nationals.)

FRESC offers consultation services to all foreign nationals (Navi-Dial: 0570-011000)

For example...

  • Concerns related to status of residence (Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau) [Press 1]
    • To learn more about residency procedures and related paperwork
    • To learn more about what kind of work is permitted through your own status of residence
  • Concerns related to employment (Consultation and Support Office for Foreign Workers) [Press 2]
  • If you would like to find a job (Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners) [Press 3]
  • Concerns related to human rights (Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau Human Rights Department) [Press 4]
    • You are being bullied at work/school
    • You are experiencing harassment
  • Concerns related to visa status (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Visa Information) [Press 5]
    • Bringing family to Japan from overseas
  • Concerns related to Japanese law (Japan Legal Support Center) [Press 6]
    • Divorce, domestic violence, debt, traffic accidents, dismissals, etc.
  • If you would like to see your own immigration records (Immigration Services Agency) [Direct Call: 03-5363-3005]

Reasons to use FRESC for consultations

  • Consultations are available for free
  • Consultations can be done anonymously
  • Every institution is located on the same floor
  • Because everyone at FRESC works so closely together, referrals are quick and easy
  • Depending on the subject matter, transfers to other counters are seamless

To foreign nationals seeking support or employment:

FRESC is home to four ministries and eight organizations related to changes/renewals of status of residence, labor laws, visa/immigration processes, legal issues, violations of human rights, the promotion of highly skilled foreign professionals and foreign students, and facilitating the acceptance of foreign nationals as employees.
Since each of the individual institutions located within FRESC cooperate with each other, consultants can refer inquirers to other institutions (depending on the topic), thus helping to share the load.
The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) also offers services for small to mid-sized corporations who employ highly skilled foreign professionals.
[Navi-Dial: 0570-011000, press number 7]

The institutions located within FRESC will either be present for a group consultation, or refer people to others within the center in order to help inquirers find a solution.

Group Consultation (Example)

Make an appointment by phone with the FRESC Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau ・ Consolidation of issues
・ All in attendance
The related FRESC institutions will all be in attendance.
Each will provide consultations based on their specializations, setting inquirers on the path to a solution to their problems.

Referral (Example)

Make an appointment by phone with the FRESC Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau ・ Consolidation of issues
・ Referral(s)
Consultations with the related FRESC institutions.
Potential solutions are presented.

NEW! Consultations with the Immigration Services Agency are available at FRESC

The Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau offers individual consultation services (via reservation) for foreign nationals living in Japan, and representatives from companies looking to hire foreign nationals.
You can select from either in-person (meetings held at FRESC) or online consultation services.

FRESC Banner
Tokyo Online Residency Consultation Banner
* Consultations are possible even without a telephone line

FRESC Consultation Counters

FRESC icon

Foreign Residents Support Center (FRESC)
Telephone number
Navi-Dial: 0570-011000 (Those calling from overseas and some IP phones should call this number)
Address: Yotsuya Tower 13F, 1-6-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0004
Open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and December 29 to January 3)

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