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General reception

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The staff at the general reception desk can speak Japanese, English, and Chinese.
Assistance in Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, and Nepali is also available through the use of a tablet.

Immigration Services Agency (Information Disclosure Office)

In addition to maintaining records for the Immigration Services Agency (Head Office), the Immigration Services Agency Information Disclosure Office also fulfills requests for entry/exit (return) records and information listed on alien registration cards.

Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau

The Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau offers individual consultations (by appointment) to foreign nationals residing in Japan, as well as to Japanese companies seeking to employ foreign nationals. (For those who would like a consultation by phone, please contact the information center.) For more information, click here.

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Consultation services are also available for local government offices regarding foreign residents.

Resident consultation information (leaflet)

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Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau, Human Rights Department

The Human Rights Department of the Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau provides simple and swift solutions for those suffering from various issues such as discrimination, bullying, abuse, harassment, and the violation of privacy.
Members of the Human Rights Department also work with local municipalities to organize various events to help raise awareness about human rights.

Japan Legal Support Center (Houterasu)

The Japan Legal Support Center (Houterasu) acts as a general information center for those seeking to resolve legal issues. Based on the details of a given inquiry, the staff is able to direct people to consultation counters and other avenues of legal recourse, free of charge.
In addition, they also offer assistance to foreign nationals living in Japan who cannot afford legal counsel in the way of free consultations with lawyers, legal fee loans, and so on. (Certain conditions apply.)

* Please note that such civil aid systems (free consultations with lawyers, legal fee loans, etc.) are not available on-site.

Houterasu icon
Those at the Japanese Legal Support Center (Houterasu) hope that through their consultations, they can help shed a little light (照らす - read as "terasu") on people's legal problems.
Their other goal is to create a space where those whose hearts are heavy with worry would be able to relax - much like a sunny outdoor terrace (テラス - also read as "terasu").

Tokyo Labor Bureau Consultation and Support Office for Foreign Workers

In addition to offering consultations regarding the laws and regulations of the Labor Standards Act, labor management, and the health and safety of foreign employees, the Tokyo Labor Bureau Consultation and Support Office for Foreign Workers also offers seminars and outreach programs to business owners who employ foreign nationals.
Consultations are also offered to foreign nationals who wish to inquire about their working conditions.

Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners

The Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners is an organization related to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare which helps highly-skilled foreign professionals (such as students, specialists, and those in technical fields) find employment. In addition to employment consultations/referrals, holding job-search fairs, and arranging internships, the center also offers information and consultation services to business owners seeking to employ foreign nationals.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Visa Information

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Visa Information offers general assistance to those applying to work or live in Japan, such as information on visa application procedures and required documents.
Questions like "My family wants to come to Japan to do some sightseeing. Which visa should they apply for?" are more than welcome, and the staff will provide simple answers.

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

In cooperation with various ministries/agencies, JETRO has launched the "Highly-Skilled Foreign Professional Promotion Platform," with the aim to help support small and medium-sized enterprises who have hired highly-skilled foreign nationals through the use of seminars and web portals.

Consultation booths

Consultation booth

In addition to the consultations booths, private rooms are also available.

COVID-19 countermeasures

COVID-19 countermeasures

Various COVID-19 countermeasures have been implemented to allow for visitors using the center's services to do so safely and stress-free.

The consultation booths are regularly disinfected and have been outfitted with plexiglass dividers.

Temperatures are taken at the entrance using thermal imaging, and those with a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher will be denied entry.

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Foreign Residents Support Center (FRESC)

Yotsuya Tower 13F, 1-6-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0004
Navi-Dial: 0570-011000
(For some IP phones and calls from overseas, please call 03-5363-3013)

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